IMswimmer is a tool for parents, swimmers and coaches to easily access a swimmer's times and cuts.


Ever spent forever looking for a times standard?

When I was 14 and wanted to find out how much time I needed to drop for each event, I had to look at 3 different PDFs (Motivational Times, TAGS, Sectionals) and find the age, gender, and stroke AND know my current time. My dad had to manually insert them into a spread sheet, which had to be manually updated.


Now it's as easy as typing your name!

IMswimmer now makes that task a lot easier.... And automatic.

  1. Type in a swimmer's name! i.e. "John Smith" and hit search!
  2. Hit Search and please be patient! It takes some time (up to 20 seconds) to load from the Official USA Swimming SWIMS database.
  3. If a middle name is needed, the website will tell you "not specific enough" and ask you to choose the swimmer's full name, then click "Search with Middle Name"
  4. Once the page has loaded, make sure the Age and Gender of the swimmer is correct (click "not correct" to edit) 
  5. Voila! See all the events that swimmer has swam in the past 3 years and the time standards they need to swim.
  6. Click "Time Difference Mode" to see how many seconds they need to drop to get their next cut.


Note to parents of younger swimmers: While "Time Difference Mode" is really helpful, please understand that time drops are always harder than they appear. Trying to drop 2 seconds from a 50 free is very, very hard!! (Trust me I know) compared to 2 seconds off a 500 free.

Thanks! And please spread the word!

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